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Owing to the nature and format of the information being provided to you, we cannot accept any returns or refunds for the products that have been sold or delivered to you. All purchases made from us (whether online, via email or over-the-phone) are deemed final. You are requested to read all the available information regarding a report prior to placing an order. You are also suggested to get in touch with us in case of any doubts or inquiries regarding the report’s coverage or relevance.

In case you encounter a problem during transactions, you should immediately contact our customer service team regarding the same.

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To provide clients with recent market developments and the most accurate estimates and forecasts, IMARC follows an analytical and statistical approach that focuses on bringing out optimum results in terms of precision and accuracy. Our efficient team of researchers, which believes in quality and value addition, employs authentic primary and secondary research methodologies that allow them to gather raw data effectively and assuredly. Collected raw data is verified and authenticated at every step by our researchers. The data is finally processed and interpreted to generate valuable insights for the clients, which includes but is not limited to market dynamics, trends and forecasts, competitive intelligence, revenue model, feasibility studies, and value chain analysis.

Our primary research methodologies constitute qualitative and quantitative market research and involve gathering information through surveys and face-to-face and telephonic interviews with numerous industry participants, such as manufacturers, distributors, end users, consultants, researchers, marketing professionals, etc. Our secondary research includes the collection of information from annual reports, books, trade journals, press releases, white papers, newspapers, government sources and various proprietary databases.